Specialist Services

Specialist Services

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We at Bradleys Chartered Surveyors also offer many other specialist services, such as: -

Expert Witness Reports

Typically carried out following direct instruction from solicitors complying with the RICS Practice Statement 4th Edition Entitled ‘Surveyors Acting as Expert Witnesses’ and in reference to Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules. Due to the nature of this work, that can take a number of years to resolve, our charges are normally on a per hour basis. Our expert witness service covers those areas of general practice as outlined on this website.


Schedule of Dilapidations

These are mostly carried out where there is a dispute over repairing obligations or for example, at the end of a commercial lease and an assessment is necessary to establish works necessary to remedy defects and dilapidations. Alternatively, it could be carried out at the beginning or sale of a lease to establish future obligations.

Boundary Disputes and Plans

The best advice that can be given with a boundary dispute is to try and settle it without recourse to solicitors and surveyors. The pursuit of legal action is usually very expensive. With respect to this type of work we only carry out reports with instructions through solicitors. Our charges are on an hourly basis. We recommend you check with your insurers the cost of resolving disputes as it is sometimes covered by your Buildings/Contents cover.

Lease Extensions & Freeholds

These are mostly valuations under Section 6 or 13 of the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (as amended by the Housing Act 1996 and the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002). More often than not these are the cases where a 99 year lease was created in the 1960s or 1970s and it is the intention to either extend the lease, or for a group of leaseholders to purchase the Freehold. This is a statutory right. In this respect we only carry out the valuation and not the serving of notices etc.


Concrete testing (Mundic)

Concrete testing is undertaken by our Cornwall Office (covering mid/western areas of the County) in accordance with the current RICS guidance note. Throughout Cornwall concrete of prior to 1950 in origin (1965 in some areas of north Cornwall and Devon) will need to be tested to make sure the material is sound and not deteriorating. Poor concrete is known locally as ‘Mundic’ and is usually the result of the concrete being made from mine waste that is rich in sulphide materials and in particular pyrite (frequently known as ‘fools gold’).

If the concrete is poor this will affect the value and mortgageability of a property. It is very important the risks are established prior to legal commitment to purchase (exchange of contracts) so you can make sure your proposed new home is free from any significant ‘Mundic’ problem.

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Professional Consultant’s Certificates

Whether it be a new build, extension or conversion, we can provide a supervisory service in accordance with Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) standards. This ensures that works are undertaken to a satisfactory standard, complying with plans and specifications from the outset to completion. Mortgage lenders will not accept newly constructed or converted properties which are not covered by a warranty scheme such as the Professional Consultant’s Certificate. Our certificates carry a six year life, throughout which liability can be transferred if the property were to be sold to a new owner.

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Rural & Agriculture

Our specialist rural surveyor provides advice on agreements to occupy land (Farm Business and Agricultural Holdings Act Tenancies, Seasonal Grazing Agreements, Garden or Allotment Agreements and Shoot Tenancy Agreements), Assured Shorthold Tenancies, Environmental Stewardship Schemes, Basic Payment Scheme, Rural Estate, Land and Property Management, planning issues, land and farm valuations.

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